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  • Road Bikes

    The best electric road bike brands

    Electric road bikes have become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to make road cycling more accessible and exciting for everyone. With so many brands of electric bikes on the market, it is not surprising that it is difficult for you to know which one is best for you.

    Orbea is a company that has long been a benchmark in the world of cycling, thanks to its commitment to innovation and quality. Their range of electric road bikes includes models that offer a host of advanced features.

    Another firm that we cannot leave without mentioning is Trek. A brand that has made a name for itself in the world of cycling, due to its commitment to technology and performance. Their electric road bikes give us a perfect blend of power and efficiency. With a built-in battery and powerful motor, these bikes can help you reach higher speeds and go longer distances without exhausting yourself.

    Finally, we have Scott, a brand that has high-quality electric road bikes, with the best power and efficiency, to offer an exciting driving experience.

    What are the advantages of an electric road bike?

    Electric road bikes offer a series of advantages that make them very attractive:

    • The main advantage of an electric road bike is the pedaling assistance provided by the electric motor. Thanks to this electric motor, cyclists can climb hills more easily, face headwinds and cover longer distances effortlessly.

    • Electric road bikes can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Also, these bikes are generally more efficient, meaning you can go longer distances with less pedaling.

    • Electric road bikes can also improve rider safety compared to traditional bikes. The increased control provided by the electric motor can help cyclists maintain a constant speed on more dangerous roads, reducing the risk of accidents.

    How many kilometers can be done with a road e-bike?

    The number of kilometers that can be traveled with an electric road bike depends on the capacity of the battery, the level of assistance that is used and the type of terrain on which it is ridden.

    In general, these types of bicycles have a range that can vary between 50 and 150 kilometers with a full battery charge, depending on the model. However, this number can be affected by the weight of the cyclist, the speed at which you are riding, the intensity of the electric assistance and the conditions of the road.

  • MTB bikes

    The best brands of electric mountain bikes

    An e-MTB (electric mountain bike) is a mountain bike equipped with an electric motor and battery, which provide pedal assistance to the rider while traveling on trails or rough terrain. Below, we show you the best e-MTB brands so you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

    • Scott is one of the most respected brands in the cycling world and its electric mountain bikes are no exception. The electric mountain bikes of this firm offer an excellent combination of technology and design, which makes them very attractive for the most demanding cyclists.

    • Another prominent brand in the world of electric mountain bikes is Trek . Their electric mountain bikes offer great versatility and adapt to a wide variety of terrain.

    • Megamo is another firm that has managed to make a name for itself in the world of electric mountain bikes. This Spanish company is known among cyclists of all levels for its high-quality bikes at reasonable prices. They have created modern and attractive designs that appeal to discerning cyclists as well as those who value style.

    What are the advantages of an E-MTB?

    If you're passionate about mountain biking but struggle to find the energy to get to the top, an E-MTB might be the perfect solution. One of the biggest advantages of electric mountain bikes is that they allow you to climb steeper inclines without losing your breath. Its electric motor gives extra momentum to the pedaling, which helps you climb steep slopes without having to exert too much effort.

    In addition, e-MTBs are also very useful for cyclists who are recovering from injuries or who have health problems that prevent them from intense exercise. Electric pedal assist reduces the load on joints and muscles, allowing cyclists to enjoy mountain biking in a safer and more comfortable way.

    Which E-MTB to choose, aluminum or carbon?

    Aluminum bikes have long been the best alternative for mountain bikers. Aluminum is a lightweight and durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of this type of cycling. Aluminum bikes are also typically cheaper than carbon bikes, making them an attractive option for riders looking for more affordable electric mountain bikes.

    However, carbon bikes are lighter and stiffer than aluminum bikes, which means they can provide better responsiveness as well as a higher level of control on the trail. In addition, carbon has a better ability to absorb vibrations and bumps from the surface, giving us a smoother and more comfortable riding experience.


    The best electric gravel bike brands

    Gravel cycling has become a very popular discipline thanks to its versatility. If you are looking for an electric gravel bike, you should know that there are several brands on the market, each with unique characteristics:

    • Niner Bikes is a leading brand in the manufacture of high quality electric gravel bikes. Its models stand out for being very light, with highly efficient motors and long-lasting batteries.

    • The Spanish brand BH has been able to gain ground in the electric gravel bicycle sector. In fact, they have manufactured some of the most powerful models on the market with batteries with up to 220 km of autonomy.

    • Trek is another of the leading brands in the gravel electric bike sector. His designs are innovative and very versatile. It has bicycles that provide smooth and silent assistance, accompanied by long-range batteries.

    • The Spanish firm Orbea can also boast of extensive experience in the gravel electric bicycle sector, with innovative, versatile, resistant and high-quality models. It highlights the frame of its bicycles that provides greater stability and durability in extreme conditions.

    What are the advantages of an electric gravel bike?

    An electric gravel bike or ' gravel e-bike ' is an electric mountain bike, designed to ride multiple terrains, including dirt roads and off-road trails .

    Some of the advantages of this type of bicycle are:

    • Electric motor, which allows the cyclist to travel long distances without effort.

    • Rechargeable battery with autonomy of up to 150 km, depending on the model.

    • Relaxed geometry, which allows for a more comfortable riding position.

    • Wide tires, which provide greater stability and grip on difficult terrain.

    • Hydraulic disc brakes, which provide greater control and stopping power in adverse conditions.

    What kind of tires are best for an electric gravel bike?

    When choosing tires for an electric gravel bike, it's important to consider the type of terrain you intend to ride on, durability, grip, and speed. These are our recommendations:

    1. Gravel tires have a light tread that allows them to roll fast on gravel roads, and with enough grip on technical trails.

    2. Mountain tires have a more aggressive and deeper tread pattern, for greater traction on difficult and rocky terrain.

    3. Hybrid tires are perfect for cyclists who ride on different types of surfaces.

    4. Tubeless tires do not require an inner tube, which means they can run at lower pressure, increasing traction and reducing the chance of flats.

    5. Tires with reinforced sidewalls are ideal for cyclists who ride on steep and stony terrain.

  • Walking/Trekking Bicycles

    The best brands of electric trekking bikes

    In recent years, electric trekking bicycles have become a good alternative for many lovers of this sport. This has led many important companies in this sector to enter this market. Next, we are going to review some of the best brands of electric trekking bikes that you can currently find:

    • Orbea is a Spanish brand recognized for its innovation and quality in the manufacture of electric trekking bicycles. This firm offers us a catalog in which we can find models that stand out for their comfort, stability and autonomy.

    • Trek is a leading American company in the design of electric mountain and trekking bicycles. It has models that stand out for their comfortable suspension, long-lasting battery, sporty design and complete equipment.

    • Scott is another of the leading brands in the manufacture of modern, powerful and resistant electric trekking bicycles in difficult terrain. They have introduced features like advanced suspension systems for mountain bikes, such as TwinLoc suspension.

    • Merida is a company known throughout the world. Its range of electric trekking bicycles does not disappoint due to its power, autonomy and elegance.

    What are the advantages of an electric trekking bike?

    A trekking electric bike is a type of electric bicycle designed for long journeys on mixed terrain such as roads, dirt roads and trails. Trekking bikes stand out for having a resistant structure and a comfortable driving position. They also have a battery and an electric motor that help the cyclist to pedal with less effort.

    Other advantages of these bicycles are:

    • They have wide and resistant tires to roll on different types of terrain.

    • They have powerful disc brakes for added safety.

    • They have good suspension for better cushioning on uneven ground.

    • They include batteries of great autonomy to travel long distances without recharging.

    • They have an electric motor that allows them to reach high speeds with less effort.

    • They have a robust and resistant frame.

    • They are often equipped with accessories such as racks, fenders, and lights, making them suitable for multi-day excursions.

    We also have women's trekking bike designs!

    Our women's electric trekking bikes are specially designed to adapt to the needs and preferences of female cyclists. These bicycles have a frame that adapts perfectly to the female anatomy. These frames are typically lower at the top to allow for easier and more comfortable access and often have a sloping top tube to give a more upright and comfortable riding position.

    In addition, women's electric trekking bikes are often equipped with wider, more padded seats for greater comfort on long journeys and shorter, narrower handlebars.

The best electric bike brands

Electric bikes are gaining more and more popularity among cyclists all over the world. It is not surprising that there are more and more brands on the market that include the sale of this class of two-wheeled machines. But which are the best?:

  • Specialized: Their line of electric bikes features models ranging fro...

The best electric bike brands

Electric bikes are gaining more and more popularity among cyclists all over the world. It is not surprising that there are more and more brands on the market that include the sale of this class of two-wheeled machines. But which are the best?:

  • Specialized: Their line of electric bikes features models ranging from road bikes to mountain bikes. All equipped with the latest technology.

  • Giant: Based in Taiwan, Giant is one of the largest and most recognized brands in the bicycle market. Its catalog of electric bicycles includes high-quality models, with elegant designs and cutting-edge technology.

  • Trek: Their range of electric bikes offers urban and mountain designs, all equipped with powerful motors and high-capacity batteries.

  • Haibike: This is a brand specialized in electric mountain bikes, and is known for its high-end models, which have cutting-edge technology and high-quality components.

  • Rad Power Bikes – is an emerging brand that offers high-quality electric bikes at affordable prices. Its focus on accessibility and durability makes this firm a perfect alternative for cyclists looking for a reliable and economical electric bicycle.

How long does an electric bike battery last?

Typically, the lithium-ion batteries used in most modern electric bikes have a lifespan of between 3 and 5 years. However, a battery can last more or less depending on:

  • The quality of the battery.

  • The frequency and duration of charging cycles.

  • The weather and the ambient temperature.

  • The type of use that is given to the electric bicycle.

It is important to note that the capacity of an electric bike battery will gradually decrease over time. As the battery wears down, it may need to be charged more frequently and the distance that can be traveled on a single charge may decrease.

How can I properly care for my electric bike?

Electric bicycles need a series of care to guarantee their operation over the years. Take note:

  • Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance on your electric bike, including checking and adjusting the brakes, transmission, suspension, wheels, chain, as well as the battery and electrical connection.

  • Cleaning: for an electric bicycle to work properly, it is necessary to keep it clean and dry after each use.

  • Battery: Always charge the battery according to the manufacturer's instructions, avoiding overcharging or leaving it discharged for long periods of time.

Finally, remember to use your electric bicycle correctly, without exposing it to extreme weather conditions or extremely rough terrain.