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    What is a gravel bike?

    A gravel bike, also known as a gravel bike or adventure bike, is a type of vehicle designed to conquer both asphalt and unpaved roads. This class of bike combines characteristics of road bikes, mountain bikes, and cyclocross bikes, creating a perfect hybrid that adapts to multiple terrains.

    In addition, gravel bikes have a geometry that provides a more relaxed and comfortable position for the rider, similar to that of a touring or endurance bike, which allows for long rides with less fatigue.

    What types of gravel bikes are there?

    In recent years, gravel riding has grown in popularity among two-wheeled enthusiasts. With their ability to tackle mixed terrain and venture off the beaten track, gravel bikes have become the preferred choice for riders looking to explore new trails and escape the traditional trails. Next, we show you the different types of gravel bikes that exist:

    • Performance Gravel Bikes: These bikes are designed for riders seeking maximum speed and performance on gravel terrain.

    • Adventure Gravel Bikes: These are bicycles designed for cyclists who seek to explore difficult terrain and make long-distance trips, since they usually have the capacity to mount panniers and mudguards, which makes them ideal for cycling.

    • Cyclocross Gravel Bikes: These bikes are inspired by cyclocross bikes, but with features tailored for gravel.

    • Comfort Gravel Bikes: These are bicycles designed to provide maximum comfort to the cyclist, so they are ideal for those who seek to enjoy relaxed rides on dirt roads and trails without worrying about speed.

    • Electric Gravel Bikes: With the increasing popularity of electric bicycles, electric gravel models have also emerged. These bikes combine gravel characteristics with the assistance of an electric motor.

    What is the difference between a gravel bike and a cyclocross?

    While gravel bikes and cyclocross bikes share some similarities, there are also significant differences that we go on to explain:

    • Frame Geometry: Gravel bikes have a more relaxed geometry, with a wider head tube angle and a more upright rider position.

    • Tires: Another key difference lies in the tires used. Gravel bikes typically have wider tyres, ranging in size from 35 to 45mm, and even wider in some cases.

    • Brakes: Cyclocross bikes have traditionally used cantilever-type brakes or mechanical disc brakes, instead of hydraulic brakes like those found on gravel bikes, although it is becoming more common to see models with these types of brakes.