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    What is a road bike?

    Road bikes, also called road bikes, are designed to ride at high speeds on smooth, flat, paved surfaces. For this reason, they have a rigid and light frame, made of lightweight materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber or titanium. This makes the bike more agile, comfortable and easy to ride. Similarly, the tires of a road bike are generally thinner than those of a mountain bike.

    Likewise, road bikes have a curved U-shaped handlebar, which allows a more aerodynamic position to be adopted, thus reducing wind resistance and improving efficiency on asphalt. On the other hand, these types of bicycles usually come with pedals in which the cyclist can hook the cleats of his shoes, in order to obtain better efficiency and control over the bicycle.

    What types of road bikes are there?

    Road bikes are a great option for people looking for a fast and efficient cycling experience. Although all road bikes have common features, such as skinny tires and a curved handlebar, there are several different types of road bikes, each designed for a specific purpose:

    • Racing or Climbing type: these road bikes have been designed to be as light as possible. This makes them perfect for climbing ports, as well as for competition on all kinds of routes.

    • Gran Fondo type: these road bikes are perfect for longer routes that require greater resistance. Its geometry is less aggressive than that of the climbing bike.

    • Type Aero: They are reactive, aerodynamic and very fast road bikes, with sharper tubes and forks to reach high speeds, without sacrificing performance when climbing hills.

    What sizes of road bike are there?

    On the market, you will be able to find different sizes of road bikes that will depend on your height, leg length and personal preferences. However, this is a small approximation of the different sizes of mountain bikes that exist:

    • Size XS: riders with a height of 147-157 cm and a leg length of 65-69 cm.

    • Size S: riders with a height of 157-165 cm and a leg length of 70-74 cm.

    • Size M: riders with a height of 165-172 cm and a leg length of 75-79 cm.

    • Size L: riders with a height of 172-180 cm and a leg length of 80-84 cm.

    • Size XL: riders with a height of 180-188 cm and a leg length of 85-89 cm.

    • Size XXL: riders with a height of 188-196 cm and a leg length of 90-94 cm.